We are excited to share the insightful findings of The Autonomous Expert Circle Safety & Regulation.


Led by our esteemed partners, Kontrol and pswp (POSSER SPIETH WOLFERS & PARTNERS), this collaborative effort delves deep into the realm of safety and regulations in autonomous driving, addressing compliance challenges, street-legal requirements for autonomous systems, and the nuanced differences in rule perception between humans and machines in both conventional and autonomous vehicles.


Over 80 experts hailing from Asia, Europe, and the US have actively participated in workshops and surveys, representing prominent companies such as Volvo, Infineon, Stellantis, Renesas, Huawei, and many more.


Key findings reveal that the industry needs to bridge regulatory intricacies and technical complexities. The report highlights the imperative need for technology that is not only trustworthy but also safe enough to instill confidence among users, ultimately paving the way for its integration into the market and onto our roads.


Within this report, you will discover a comprehensive summary of the expert circle’s deliberations, encompassing the outcomes of discussions and surveys.


Download now to explore the insights that shape the future of autonomous driving safety and regulation.


Scroll through the report below and if you want, download the full version as a PDF.



By Iulia Juchert

Marketing Manager at The Autonomous

As the Marketing Manager at The Autonomous, Iulia brings over 10 years of experience in content writing, communications, and digital marketing to the team. Her passion lies in accelerating the growth of forward-thinking and innovative brands through the art of storytelling, PR, and content partnerships. Iulia thrives creating compelling narratives that resonate with the autonomous mobility expert community and takes great joy in fostering these connections.

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