The Main Event

Where does The Autonomous Main Event take place?

The Autonomous Main Event will be held at Vienna’s Hofburg Imperial Palace as well as via our virtual event platform.

How do I get to the Hofburg Imperial Palace?

The Hofburg lies at the centre of Vienna and can best be reached by underground or other public transport. You can either reach it via underground U2 (purple line) “Volksgarten” or U3 (orange line) “Volksgarten” or via tram to “Burgring” with line D, 1, 2 or 72. From there, it is only a short walk to the Hofburg Palace. The entrance door to The Autonomous Main Event is “Schweizerhof”.

Where can I stay in Vienna if I want to attend the event in person?

We have a compiled a list of hotels that we recommend to all our in-person attendees. You can find it here.

Will there be filming and photographers in the event area?

Photographs will be taken and film recordings will be made during the event. Keynote speeches will be streamed live. By buying a ticket and entering the premises where the event will be held, the participant agrees to the publication of digital media without fee or payment and without a requirement for the participant’s express agreement. If the participant does not agree with any such publication of images or video material, he or she is kindly requested to inform The Autonomous Team in advance by writing to

Can I display or hang any promotional materials at The Autonomous event?

As a general rule, The Autonomous does not allow any product promotion. This conference aims to bring together the autonomous mobility ecosystem to exchange and align on relevant safety subjects and work on Global Reference Solutions from Architecture, Security, AI, and Regulation standpoint.

Whom can I contact if I have technical problems while booking my ticket?

For any technical problems while booking tickets, please write to

I am interested in partnering with the event organizers as a company, whom do I contact?

If your company is interested in taking part in the event, please contact The Autonomous Project and Event Manager, Eloise Morel (

I want to attend The Autonomous event as a media representative, whom do I contact?

If you are a media representative, a blogger, or something similar, please contact our  Marketing Manager, Iulia Juchert (

Where can I stay in Vienna if I want to attend The Autonomous Main Event in person?

We are now compiling a list of hotels for you. Our recommendations will be available soon!

Are the tickets for The Autonomous Main Event transferable?

Yes, you can change your order details by accessing your personal order page in the confirmation email you received when booking the conference ticket. If you encounter any problems, please contact us at However, please be aware that only people with valid tickets and their names on the ticket can enter the event.


What happens if I cannot travel to Vienna due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

If your travel has been restricted due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can join the event virtually. We designed The Autonomous as a hybrid event from the beginning (online & on-site), so our virtual participants also get a high-quality event experience.

How can I change my ticket from in-person to online participation or vice-versa?

If you want to exchange your on-site conference pass for an online conference pass, please contact us via, and we will take care of it.

If the event is canceled, will I get a refund for my booking?

In case the event is canceled, you can either opt for a voucher for next year’s The Autonomous Main Event or receive a full refund.

What happens if my company imposes travel bans?

If you cannot travel to Vienna, Austria, due to travel bans imposed by the company you work for, you have two options: 1) Join the virtual conference or 2) Ask for a full refund of your ticket. In this particular case, to refund your ticket, please provide us with a written statement from your company confirming the travel restrictions (send an email to

What measures are you taking to reduce the risk of event participants getting sick with the coronavirus?

A well-thought strategy for the event has been planned. Depending on the situation in September 2022, we will:

  • Provide disinfectants and hand sanitizers at all entry points
  • Provide masks to all attendees
  • Maintain the distancing rules in all rooms

Do you allow individuals from high-risk areas / countries to attend the autonomous event?

Please check regularly the Austrian Foreign Ministry website and your country’s embassy website to find out if you are allowed to travel to Vienna.

Do I have to wear a mask at The Autonomous Main Event?

Wearing a mask at The Autonomous Main Event 2022 is not mandatory anymore, but we will provide you with both a mask and sanitizer at the registration desk.

Working Groups

What is the expected outcome of the Working Group “Safety & Architecture”? 

The output of the working groups will consist of technical documents that can will include recommendations, best practices, guidelines, reference architectures and specifications. 

Will there be other working groups and what will they be about? 

Yes, we are planning more working groups in addition to the Working Group “Safety and Architecture”. These working groups will focus on The Autonomous core topics: Safety & Security, Safety & AI, Safety and Regulation, Safety and Data Fusion. Together with industry partners, we will identify common challenges in these topic areas and kick off new working groups together with selected companies 

How does The Autonomous initiative position itself in relation with industry standards?

Our goal is to be complementary to standards, therefore tackling the same technical topics is beneficial, as we are more likely to find a common interest and speed up the launch of safe autonomous vehicles. One example of how we envision our cooperation with standards is that while standards provide the requirements of what a system needs to meet in order to be safe, they rarely give example of detailed references on how a system that meets those requirements could look like. We strongly believe The Autonomous Working Groups can fill this gap by developing reference solutions that comply to relevant standards and can be mentioned in the said relevant standards as examples.  

Is the membership valid for a single working group participation?

The Autonomous members will have the possibility to be active in multiple Working Groups with a single membership fee. To do so, they are required to provide a representative that can contribute with know-how and be active for each Working Group. Furthermore, each Working Group requires a signed IP Policy document to ensure IP is protected within the Working Group Members.  

Do I need to be part of a company / research institution to be able to participate in The Autonomous Working Groups? 

Yes, our current membership contracts are always set up with the organization you are part of. 

What is the expected financial commitment required for participation? 

To become a member of The Autonomous Working Groups, every company is expected to contribute a certain membership fee depending on the size of the organization and selected membership package. Please check the overview of our membership pricing here  

What is the initial term of the agreement for participating in the Working Group(s)? 

The agreement is automatically renewed on a yearly basis, unless the agreement is canceled by one of the parties.  

Will the Working Group reports be accessible for everyone or only to The Autonomous members? 

The Autonomous Working Group will publish reports on a regular basis, summarizing the discussions and potential findings of the experts. Those reports will be designed in three different versions: Internal V1 (only accessible for Working Group Members Gold & Platin), Internal V2 (only accessible for Working Group Silver Members) and External (accessible for the public). The reason behind these distinct versions is to protect the intellectual property brought in by the active Working Group Members on the one side, and on the other side inform the general public on relevant outcomes.