Who we are

Initiated by TTTech Auto, The Autonomous is a global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility. Through an open platform approach, The Autonomous aims at building an ecosystem of all actors involved in the development of safe autonomous mobility to work together and generate know-how assets.

Complementary to standardization organizations that establish uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, and processes, The Autonomous will develop Global Reference Solutions that conform to relevant standards and facilitate the adoption of safe autonomous mobility on a grand scale.

The team

Ricky Hudi Chairman The Autonomous LinkedIn
Luisa Griesmayer Project & Event Manager The Autonomous LinkedIn
Philip Schreiner Head of The Autonomous The Autonomous LinkedIn
Iulia Juchert Marketing Manager The Autonomous LinkedIn
Eloïse Morel Project & Event Manager LinkedIn

Vision & Mission

Infographic multiple safety challenges


Transform the mobility industry for a safer and more sustainable future.


Facilitate collaboration to solve the safety challenges in the autonomous mobility industry.

How we are changing the industry

Infographic current situation

The development approach of automotive systems has remained unchanged over many years. Generally speaking, a car manufacturer (OEM) and its suppliers (Tier 1, 2 & 3) would cooperate and then compete with other manufacturers in providing better solutions and products (see Figure “Current situation”).

This approach has worked well for developing standard, well constrained, and deterministic automotive embedded systems like Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Engine Control Units (ECU), and others.

However, this approach is inefficient when it comes to the development of upcoming SAE L3 and above automated driving systems. The rationale for this is (1) the novelty and high complexity of the AD systems, (2) higher development costs, (3) high risk of wrong development.

To reduce the burden, a shift from many small-size cooperation groups (where cooperation groups compete with each other on providing a better solution for a given problem) to a single, larger, and more diverse knowledge ecosystem where partners collaborate towards a single shared goal is necessary (see Figure “Proposed approach”).

Infographic proposed approach

The Autonomous ecosystem will work towards Global Reference Solutions through:


In addition to car manufacturers and technology suppliers, The Autonomous ecosystem also invites stakeholders from governmental, academic, regulatory and standardization institutions in order to ensure an integrated approach to the various autonomous mobility safety challenges.

Infographic The Autonomous ecosystem