The Autonomous establishes a new international PhD program with the support of TTTech Auto, B&C Holding and TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna).

Autonomous systems are the future of mobility, and their technological evolution critically depends on a continuous stream of excellent research results.


Committed to making safe autonomous mobility a reality, The Autonomous has recently initiated the international PhD program on “Trustworthy Autonomous Systems”. Its purpose is to coordinate cutting-edge academic research with mid to long-term industry demand. PhD students will be tightly integrated into the academic and corporate environments through regular meetings, internships, and recruitment, thus ensuring a solid technology transfer.


The PhD program welcomes sponsoring partners from industry and funding agencies interested in directly supporting PhD students at universities. The Autonomous assists in defining PhD topics and matching PhD supervisors to funding partners. Topics of interest are:

  • All technologies for trustworthy autonomous systems that are deployable directly on the vehicle or on the infrastructure (road infrastructure as well as the IT infrastructure, including edge and cloud computing)
  • Process improvements of trustworthy autonomous systems, dependability, security, or time-to-market.

TTTech Auto and B&C Holding are the initial sponsors and partners and fund the first three PhD positions at TU Wien, supervised by Prof. Ezio Bartocci, Prof. Radu Grosu, and Prof. Andreas Steininger. We are currently in the process of scaling the program with international universities and sponsoring partners.


If you want to become a funding partner, do not hesitate to get in touch with Wilfried Steiner at

By Iulia Juchert

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