We are thrilled to share the insightful findings of The Autonomous Chapter Event Safety & Society.


Hosted in May by our partner, McKinsey & Company, the virtual event focused on exploring the impact of self-driving vehicles on our society and quality of life in urban areas.


The Chapter Event assembled a stellar lineup of speakers – leaders in business and technical roles as well as representatives from academia:

  • Dr Viktoriya Kolarova – German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Joel Franklin – ┬áKTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Johannes Deichmann – McKinsey & Company
  • Dr Niklas Niemann – Volkswagen Consulting
  • Florian Petit – Blickfeld
  • Ruth Heuss – McKinsey & Company
  • Carter Stern – Cruise
  • Jan Tijs Nijssen – Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Kersten Heineke – McKinsey & Company, Center for Future Mobility in Europe


The panel discussions included the following main topics:

  • Customer Acceptance

  • Urban Mobility

  • Sustainability

Discover the Insights

Scroll through the report below and if you want, download the full version as a PDF.


By Iulia Juchert

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