Upcoming Chapter Event Safety & AI on June 5, hosted by The Autonomous and Five

The Autonomous and Five are hosting a Chapter Event on Safety & Artificial Intelligence. Through facilitated discussions among experts, we will work towards Global Safety Reference Solutions for safe autonomous mobility.

The event will explore the deep challenges associated with demonstrating – through verification, validation and safety argumentation – that an autonomous vehicle with AI-based components is acceptably safe for operation.

There is a fundamental conflict between traditional verification and validation, where a well-defined specification forms the basis of any safety argument and, for example, Level 4 autonomous vehicles where the very complexity inherent in the problem results in a lack of complete specification. Completely new methods of system architecture, implementation and verification are required.

During the event we will discuss two main questions: “How can we understand the competence of an AI component?” and “Can system-level mitigations protect against residual inadequacies in AI components?”

If you are interested, please register here.

By Philip Schreiner

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