Welcome to our Annual Report 2022

Today, we are pleased to share with our community The Autonomous Annual Report 2022, highlighting last year’s most significant milestones and learnings.


The theme of 2022? Act to Impact! 


We are honored to see our ecosystem growing and are very grateful to our members, partners, experts, and speakers who worked relentlessly with us to advance safe autonomous mobility. 2022 demonstrated that our mission statement is more valid than ever, and it’s incredibly challenging for one single player to bring autonomous vehicles to market. A consolidated global cooperative approach is essential now, which is why we strongly believe in our mission to facilitate collaboration in order to solve the safety challenges in the autonomous mobility industry.


Looking at our achievements in 2022, it makes us proud to have gathered over 500 leading executives and experts at the third edition of The Autonomous Main Event and launched two new Working Group topics under our Innovation Stream, focusing on Safety of Embedded AI and Safety & Regulation.


For all other essential milestones, browse through our report below to find out about our progress and next steps.


Thank you all for joining us on this journey!


For the ones who also want to embark with us on the road to making safe autonomous mobility a reality, get in touch with us.

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Scroll through the report and download the full version as a PDF if you want to access all available links in the report.


By Iulia Juchert

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