We recently collaborated with the World Economic Forum to create a report that provides a clear picture of the various types of alliances, coalitions, standards bodies and partnerships available for automotive and autonomous mobility industry decision-makers.

The rise of autonomous vehicle technology has resulted in a rich ecosystem shaped by competition.

In this ecosystem, individual corporate groups are working in parallel on technological solutions. With the increasing complexity of technological systems, the need to coordinate the overall safety of automated vehicles increases. In addition, supervisory authorities worldwide recognize the need for general technical principles for autonomous vehicles. Within the ecosystem, an extensive network of initiatives and coalitions is now responding to this growing need for coordination.

The Autonomous partnered with the World Economic Forum to provide a thorough landscape of some of the most relevant industry alliances, consortia and other groups while highlighting the activities of key standards bodies. This collaboration resulted in the recently published report The AV Governance Ecosystem: A Guide for Decision-Makers. The paper is part of World Economic Forum’s Safe Drive Initiative that emphasizes the need for the industry and policymakers to come together to address questions of safety around autonomous vehicles.

“Although the automotive industry is highly competitive, collaboration is the only way to succeed in the major challenge posed by autonomous cars: safety assurance,” says Ricky Hudi, Chairman of The Autonomous. “Industry alliances like The Autonomous are providing a platform for the autonomous vehicle ecosystem to work together on key safety aspects.”

“The automotive industry has long relied on collaboration to remove competitive barriers, and nowhere is that more important than in safety. These alliances, consortia and standards activities are essential to delivering safe autonomous vehicles”, says Tim Dawkins, Lead Automotive and Autonomous Mobility, World Economic Forum.

While there is a vast knowledge-base developed in coalitions and standardization bodies, these consortia often work independently of one another, with sometimes little alignment on common goals across groups. The fact that they often focus on different aspects may lead to a lack of a common objective for the overall industry. The newly published guide explains the interrelations and draws the bigger picture for what is known as one of the most competitive industries.

Listed under “collaboration platforms”, The Autonomous is currently addressing gaps within the automotive and autonomous mobility industry, where an alignment on safety is urgently needed, such as in electronic architectures, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity.

The desired outcome of The Autonomous is to develop and publish concrete reference solutions for particular safety challenges of automated driving, compliant with existing safety standards.

Read and download the entire paper here.

By Iulia Juchert

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