The Autonomous welcomes Infineon Technologies as Working Group Lead on the topic of Safety of Embedded Artificial Intelligence. All companies interested in taking an active part in this Working Group and shaping its outcome are invited to join our upcoming Info Sessions to learn more about the scope and timeline.

Already an active member of The Autonomous, Infineon Technologies takes the lead on our second Working Group entitled “Safety of Embedded AI.”


As artificial intelligence is gaining ground in more and more areas of our everyday life, it has become clear that it is also a key enabler of autonomous vehicles, providing the additional algorithmic capabilities required to bring advanced autonomous driving features into the mainstream. Furthermore, one cannot overlook dependability. An autonomous driving system requires a dependable computation chain. As shown in the figure below, this computation chain consists of perception, scene understanding, trajectory planning, and trajectory control.


New Benefits from embedded AI for trajectory planning and control

AI can both complement and enhance existing classical algorithms and, in some cases, outperform them. Any hardware faults could be detected by the presence of a safety companion microcontroller (MCU), which provides an energy-efficient solution compared to an MPU.

Enabling planning and control on an MCU through safe AI provides diverse redundancy and increased safety and dependability.

Dependable AI for trajectory planning and control

While artificial intelligence is already widely accepted for perception and scene understanding to increase dependability, the use of AI for trajectory planning and control is relatively new. As a matter of fact, there are currently no initiatives focusing on creating a common understanding of how to use AI safely for trajectory planning and control.


To close this gap, Infineon Technologies is calling on global key industry players and research institutes to collaborate and join forces under the umbrella of “The Autonomous.” This will open the door to using embedded AI for new use cases and efficiently deploying AI-based functional systems for highly automated and autonomous driving.

Join our live Info Sessions

If you believe your organization would be a critical addition to the Working Group “Safety of Embedded AI”, join fellow industry experts for exclusive Info Sessions, held on April 27th and May 5th.


We will bring 1h and 30 minutes of focused content covering the following:

  • The Autonomous vision and long-term roadmap
  • Working Group “Safety of Embedded AI” detailed scope and timeline
  • How to become a member

The event will also include a live Q&A session that will allow attendees to ask questions and engage with experts from Infineon Technologies, The Autonomous Working Group Lead.


Register for the Info Session on April 27

Register for the Info Session on May 5

By Iulia Juchert

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