The standardization organization ASAM e.V., which defines technical standards for the development, testing and validation of vehicles, and The Autonomous, an initiative by TTTech Auto AG to promote safety as well as risk and cost reduction in the development of autonomous mobility, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), thus creating the prerequisites and framework for cooperation.

Hoehenkirchen, Germany / Vienna, Austria, July 19, 2023 – The Memorandum of Understanding formalizes the cooperation of both parties with the aim to support each other in jointly advancing the safe implementation of autonomous mobility. The MoU expresses the intention for ASAM e.V. and The Autonomous to share expertise and experience, coordinate technical work and promote joint activities.


Marius Dupuis, CEO of ASAM e.V., comments on the agreement: “The collaboration between ASAM and The Autonomous has the potential to take autonomous mobility a big step forward: Reference solutions and best practices launched by The Autonomous’ activities can be directly leveraged by standardization within ASAM.”


“Both we at The Autonomous and ASAM e.V. are working on a safe and effective introduction of autonomous mobility,” says Philip Schreiner, Head of The Autonomous.” We are therefore excited that ASAM e.V. – as an important standardization organization for the validation of autonomous driving – has now become an active partner. Only together can we create the urgently needed synergies and solve the safety challenges.”


About ASAM e.V.

ASAM e.V. is a non-profit organization that promotes standardization in automotive development. Together with its more than 400 member companies, ASAM develops standards that enable easy exchange of data and tools within and across tool chains. ASAM standards span a wide range of use cases in automotive verification and validation (V&V) and are in use worldwide.


The ASAM OpenX® standards in particular aim to provide a complete set of standards for simulation-based testing of automated driving functions. They cover a wide range of use cases for virtual development, including hybrid testing approaches that combine virtual and physical components. ASAM OpenX standards are gradually becoming the industry’s reference for their respective use cases and are supported by a majority of simulation tool providers and manufacturers worldwide. (


About The Autonomous

The Autonomous is an initiative founded by TTTech Auto AG in 2019. The Autonomous aims at building an ecosystem of all stakeholders involved in the development of safe autonomous mobility to work together and generate know-how assets on safety.


Complementary to standardization organizations that establish uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, and processes, The Autonomous will develop reference solutions that conform to relevant standards and facilitate the adoption of safe autonomous mobility on a grand scale. Besides the annual flagship event in September, the initiative is hosting regular working meetings with leading executives and experts from the industry.


By Iulia Juchert

Marketing Manager at The Autonomous

As the Marketing Manager at The Autonomous, Iulia brings over 10 years of experience in content writing, communications, and digital marketing to the team. Her passion lies in accelerating the growth of forward-thinking and innovative brands through the art of storytelling, PR, and content partnerships. Iulia thrives creating compelling narratives that resonate with the autonomous mobility expert community and takes great joy in fostering these connections.

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