The Autonomous and POSSER SPIETH WOLFERS & PARTNERS (pswp) hosted a Chapter Event on Safety & Regulation.

We explored the challenges and approaches for attaining and certifying safety in automated vehicles. Towards this goal, we gathered regulatory and governmental bodies, OEMs, semiconductor suppliers, technology providers and relevant standardization groups to share know-how and debate on the following topics:

  1. Overview of current standardization and regulation process for automated and autonomous driving, e.g., UN/ECE 79, UN/ECE ALKS Draft, UL 4600, EU Mobility Package, EU Guidelines Exemption Procedure Automated Vehicles, Safety First for Automated Driving (SaFAD), etc.
  2. What are the core regulatory requirements autonomous driving systems have to meet to be certified as “safe”? A cross-domain perspective to: “What does “safe” mean to autonomous mobility?”
  3. How can “safety” be measured? What must be defined in (technical) standardization and (legal) regulation? Could regulation concentrate on core concepts leaving the details to technical standardization?


The Chapter Event “Safety & Regulation” brought together a diverse array of world-class experts: