In the next episode of our Ask the Expert podcast, we spoke with Bert Auerbach, an expert in the field of system and function development as well as integration for driver assistance systems – focusing on OEM camera and radar systems, plus pre-development for automated driving functions up to prototypes. With over 20 years’ experience in engineering projects, his insight spans automotive electronics R&D processes and technical strategy development.


Bert Auerbach, Founder and CTO of FDTech GmbH, is at the forefront of holistic mobility solutions for automated driving. FDTech excels in concept-to-prototype development, seamlessly integrating solutions into vehicles and network infrastructure. 


He also revealed details about the Automated Driving Stack Developmentworkshop that his company FDTech will co-host at The Autonomous Main Event on September 14. 


Tune in for insights on driving stack development, safety solutions, and AV space collaboration. Don’t miss the Automated Driving Stack Development workshop—register now for The Autonomous Main Event!