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The Autonomous, Kontrol and pswp are hosting a virtual session to present the new Expert Circle Safety & Regulation.

This new format will be free and open to all our community members and experts who want to contribute to solving the regulatory challenges facing the adoption of autonomous vehicles.

To keep this virtual session focused on a specific outcome, we kindly ask you to actively contribute and complete the below survey before the event.

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Expert Circle Scope

The successful and safe deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies across the globe is considered one of the most significant challenges in the mobility industry. The difficulty of defining and complying with all relevant regulatory requirements and standards from various organizations adds to this complexity. In this Expert Circle, the members will discuss:

  • Current challenges, developments, and practices in compliance, validation, and standardization of autonomous driving
  • Requirements that autonomous driving systems have to meet to be street legal
  • Challenges and differences in the rule perception of humans and machines
  • Regulations for both conventional and autonomous vehicles, with and without a human driver


The virtual workshop will be structured as follows:

16:00 – 18:00 CET

  • Intro – The Autonomous
  • Expert Circle Safety & Regulation – detailed scope
  • Assess Safety & Regulation Survey Results
  • Next Steps – upcoming meetings & proposed timeline


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