Workshop Details

Location: Workshop Room II (onsite), The Autonomous Main Event
Date: September 14, 2023
Time: 13:40 – 15:10 CEST


Workshop description

Fast and high-quality software delivery for Software-Defined Vehicles 


Efficient software delivery is critical for software-defined vehicles, which are transforming the automotive industry. Software-defined vehicles rely on complex software systems for navigation, safety features, entertainment, and automated driving. To ensure their success and meet cybersecurity requirements, rapid and reliable software updates are essential.  

Agile development methodologies are increasingly adopted, requiring streamlined software delivery pipelines. Continuous integration and deployment practices enable quick iterations and improved software quality. Over-the-air (OTA) updates are crucial for software-defined vehicles, allowing manufacturers to deliver new features, bug fixes, and security patches remotely.  

Establishing a secure OTA infrastructure with software signing, encryption, and authentication mechanisms ensures the integrity and authenticity of updates. Efficient delta updates, transmitting only necessary changes, reduce verification effort, data transfer requirements and overall OTA update times. 

Collaboration among stakeholders, including developers, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies, is also essential. Open communication facilitates software coordination, compliance with standards, and timely issue resolution. 

In this workshop we discuss fast and high-quality software delivery for software-defined vehicles. By adopting agile practices, implementing automated and scalable testing, and fostering collaboration, the automotive industry can meet the demands of software-defined vehicles while ensuring safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

Workshop Speakers

  • Dr. Martin Ritt, Manager Application Engineering Central EMEA – MathWorks
  • Dr. Tjorben Groß, Senior Team Lead Automotive Application Engineering – MathWorks
  • Simon Dürr, Senior Expert – Elektrobit


  • Advait Valluri, Senior Application Engineer – ADAS/AD – MathWorks


  • Scalable development of applications from architecture to design
  • Shift left through mature issue detection processes
  • Automation of verification and artefact generation to shorten delivery cycles
  • Reduction of hardware test leveraging virtualized Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR ECU’s in the cloud

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