Workshop details

Location: Workshop Room 1, The Autonomous Main Event
Date: September 29, 2021
Time: 14:15 – 16:15 CEST


Workshop description

Autonomous mobility comes with promises for safer, more comfortable, and more efficient driving. Achieving these goals requires various cross-domain challenges to be addressed. One such challenge is protecting autonomous vehicles from external disruptions that aim at causing harm – namely, security attacks.

This workshop will cover the efforts of cybersecurity domain in the wide spectrum to ensure that autonomous vehicles are safe from harmful security attacks. And more concretely, it will delve into the definition of “Trust”, how it can be achieved, and its role in ensuring secure automotive systems.

Short introduction into the topics and questions we want to focus on in the workshop:

  • Autonomous mobility needs authentication of all participants and integrity-protected data exchange. The credentials for data exchange must be generated and managed. Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) establish a trust anchor for this data exchange.
  • How can Hardware blocks or/and secure elements help to implement the requirements (secure data exchange) in an interconnected autonomous structure?
  • Which assets need to be protected from a Tier-1 perspective?
  • Which security challenges do OEMs see and how are they addressed?


The Workshop “Safety & Security” brings together a diverse array of experts:

  • Harry Knechtel – Head of Department Production – Industry Division of secunet 
  • Jörg Schepers – Head of Program Management Baseband and PMU at Infineon Technologies
  • Nico Vizenz – IT-Security Engineer at ZF 

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