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Location: Workshop Room II (onsite), The Autonomous Main Event
Date: September 27, 2022
Time: 16:15 – 17:45 CEST


Workshop description

Autonomy brings the car to a new level. Machines have different capabilities for handling traffic situations than humans. Legal frameworks need to be adapted to be safer for humans and automated vehicles. The laws are written for human interpretation, and there is no straightforward way of “teaching” these laws to an autonomous vehicle. While autonomous driving developers are struggling with this, regulatory bodies are also looking for ways to verify autonomous system behaviors on the road.

Regulatory bodies have long struggled to find the right approach to lay the groundwork for deploying such impactful technologies in public use. From self-certification of automobile manufacturers and state-by-state approvals such as in Nevada, California, or Arizona in the United States to a more certification-driven environment in Europe, the landscape of legal requirements, standards, norms, and court rulings provides significant challenges for all market participants.

In parallel, established car makers face threats by new entrants in continuing their gradual roll-out of highly automated and driver assistance functions (SAE levels 2 and 3) up to competing with autonomous driving technology companies for fully self-driving fleets (SAE level 4).

  • What are the current challenges, developments and practices in compliance, validation, and standardization?
  • Which requirements do driving systems have to meet to be street legal and how?

This workshop provides an overview of this important topic and presents potential approaches to these challenges.

Workshop Speakers

  • Andreas Lauringer, CEO of Kontrol
  • Benedikt Wolfers, Founding Partner at pswp
  • Christian Pahlke, Head of Future Vehicle Technologies, Division Mobility at TÜV SÜD


  1. How ready are vehicle and traffic laws for autonomous driving? (Benedikt Wolfers)
  2. Regulation in a vehicle life cycle (Andreas Lauringer)
  3.  Future challenges of a lifetime compliant vehicle (Christian Pahlke)

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