Workshop Details

Location: Workshop Room I (onsite), The Autonomous Main Event
Date: September 14, 2023
Time: 10:40 – 12:10 CEST


Workshop description

In 2022, The Autonomous welcomed Infineon Technologies as Lead on the topic of Safety of Embedded Artificial Intelligence. As part of the previous Main Event as well as in the ongoing Expert Circle, they aimed to create a common understanding of how to use AI safely for trajectory planning and control. Both planning and control can be enhanced with AI to reduce system costs, and increase energy efficiency and passenger comfort.
This workshop invites participants to join the ongoing conversations and discuss potential technical reference solutions.

The topics to be addressed in this workshop are:  

  • Overall Expert Circle scope, methodology, and motivation  
  • AI as enhancement of trajectory control  
  • Implications of various ways of AI usage on safety  
  • Understanding of data “quality” as well as its collection and assessment  

Ahead of this workshop, you can read more about the Working Group here.

Workshop Speakers

  • Juergen Schaefer, Senior Principal Engineer System Architecture and Applications – Infineon
  • Mateusz Chmurski, Senior Engineer Artificial Intelligence Algorithms – Infineon
  • Mathias Haberjahn, Principal Engineer Artificial Intelligence Algorithms – Infineon
  • Stephan Baumgaertner, AI expert – Infineon


  • Recap and summary from last year  “The Autonomous” main event and first expert council
  • Example solution for an AI enhanced Trajectory Controller: “conventual controller versus AI enhanced controller versus Model Predictive Control”
  • Development process for an AI enhanced Trajectory Controller: “Integrity of training data, definition of ODD and scenario instances is key for safety related AI approaches“
  • Safety considerations: “Do best practices in combination with run-time monitoring provide a safe AI-Based Trajectory Control and Planning”
  • Q/As
  • Outlook the Expert Circle: “AI enhanced Trajectory Planning”
  • Summary and next steps

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